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Take a deep breath and say ahhh.


As you weather the change of seasons, how will you make sure you get what you need to recharge?


How about joining us to focus on self-care in April and May?


We will prioritize daily exercise, using food to nourish our bodies, drinking adequate water, and getting adequate sleep...the basics.


You will receive a set of videos and an exercise calendar for the month. These are gentle exercise routines that nevertheless will help you build strength, balance and endurance as well as flexibility.


You will also receive membership in our online group where we learn about the strength, flexibility, and relaxation benefits our bodies receive from this type of exercise, and how this affects our health. It's all about helping you get the most out of the program and understand how to follow it safely. Plus, it's a virtual support group to lift you up and love on you...couldn't we all use a little bit more of that?!


To reserve your spot, fill out the form at left or email me at the address in the footer. Sign up by March 28; we start on April 4 and the program runs for eight weeks.


When you enroll, you'll receive:


  • 8 flexibility-focused workout sessions on DVD (yours to keep forever) with streaming access for 30 days

  • a workout calendar designed to help you maximize the strength and flexibility benefits for your body

  • a month's supply of Shakeology in the flavor of your choice

  • daily support in our online groups to keep you on track with your healthy habits... a group of people committed to seeing you succeed, and here for you when life gets challenging.

  • tons of fun bonuses that you can only get in my programs... daily info about nutrition and fitness, healthy recipes, mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress.


Instead of tackling life at an ever-accelerating pace... I invite you to join us in moving toward summer on a gentler note. To reserve your spot, fill out the form at left or email me at the address in the footer. 

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