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Reboot your body for spring.


I offer programs focused on healthy eating every month. Those groups keep it simple for busy people! But I know sometimes people are interested in diving deeper and getting more information.


Whether you've been through a program with me several times, or never have before but are ready to take ownership of your health by learning more about the foods you fuel your body with... I'm offering a program in May just for you!


Program dates: May 6-June 3. Enroll by April 29! ** You are encouraged to enroll sooner if possible, to allow time for shipping your program materials to you, and also allow you time for menu planning and shopping. **


Click "interested" for this event if you would like me to be in touch to go over the details!


You will receive:


  • Kit for a three-day nutrition "reboot." You will eat fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and vegan protein (no soy). The nutrition guide will tell you exactly what to eat and when, with your choice of different meals and snacks in specific proportions of nutrients (all vegan). I'm not pushing you to become vegan (high-quality meats are a daily staple of my own diet most of the time). The idea is to try it for three days and see how you feel with this plant-based diet. You will need to do some shopping and food prep for this, though not a ton—it's only 3 days.

  • One month's supply of a superfood shake that provides vitamins, probiotics, and adaptogens that help your body respond better to stress.

  • Daily info posts from me for four weeks, covering topics including WHY processed foods aren't great for you (and what it even means for a food to be "processed"), macronutrient ratios, organic vs. conventional, how often to eat, intermittent fasting, food and sleep quality, supplements, hormonal effects of nutrition, and more.

  • One group video chat and three one-on-one phone check-ins to help you set goals and stay accountable. Once the three-day "reboot" ends, you will set your own nutrition goals—vegetarian or not, whatever YOU want to work on—with my guidance in choosing these goals.

  • The support of a private online group and a coach who are all doing this alongside you!


What I'm asking from you...


  • COMMIT to the program and wholeheartedly put your effort into the nutrition goals you set for yourself during this month.

  • SHOW UP in our private online group daily to learn all you can and participate in the community during this short window of time we are together.

  • MOVE your body (even if it's just gently) for 20 minutes 5-7 days a week, in any exercise format you choose. (You do receive 30 days' access to a streaming workout service with more than two dozen program options; you can utilize these home workouts or any other method of exercise you prefer.)

  • FOLLOW the three-day "reboot" and drink your superfood shake every day for a month. Stopping and starting or doing it part way won't allow you to fully feel the effects.

  • ASK any questions you have about nutrition... This will be your chance to get answers to those things you've always been curious about!


Please note... This is not the 21 Day Fix! It is compatible with the 21 Day Fix if you own that program and would like to combine it... but this is a different program with new and different information! There is no requirement to own or follow the 21 Day Fix with this program.


Find more details about this program on the Facebook event page. To reserve your spot, click "going" on the event page, fill out the form at left, or email me at the address in the footer! I hope you'll join us for a month of learning about nutrition and reexamining our own diets to reprogram our bodies for optimal energy and wellbeing!


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