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Three Days of News: 80 Day Obsession Part 1

It's here! It's here!!!

Each year Beachbody does several program launches, but only a couple of MAJOR ones... and this is one of those.

We've been seeing the incredible transformation people have had from the initial limited release of 80 Day Obsession, and we've all been eagerly awaiting the wider release on January 14, 2018.

The most exciting thing for me about this program is the fact that it's relatively low-impact and we'll get these fabulous results without a lot of jumping or lifting heavy weights. The main tools for this program are resistance loops and strength sliders, and from what I have seen in the trial/prep workouts, most of the moves use one or the other.

It's going to be a commitment—workouts of 45 to 60 minutes a day, with (I think) a shorter workout on Saturdays and a rest day each Sunday, and an eating plan that involves eating specific foods at specific times—but if we can commit to following the program as written, I'm confident, based on the pictures I've seen, a fabulously sculpted booty and midsection will be our reward!

This program is an experiment with a brand-new model: it will only be released on Beachbody on Demand, our online streaming workout video library. The company is not making DVDs of this program, since there are 80 separate workouts. That's right—each day is different! The workouts progress from one week to the next, with the same moves on the same day each week, but new variations added, or a different combination of reps, so although the moves will be familiar, no two workouts are exactly the same! I think this is going to be a fantastic option for people who crave variety and get bored easily.

There are many different options for getting access to this program, including different combinations of equipment and supplements, so I'll be going over them in a set of three blog posts. This first one is for customers who already have a Beachbody on Demand membership.

The accessory bundle (base kit) includes the bands and sliders you'll need for the workouts, plus the program guide and a set of containers for your meal portions, for $59.99.

If you don't have Shakeology or the Performance line yet, you'll want one or the other (or ideally both) to help you get the best results. It's hard to eat as much protein as this meal plan calls for, y'all! Make life easy for yourself and add some protein in the form of supplements to go along with the food sources you're consuming.

All of these kits are $10 off now through the program release date (January 14, 2018) ONLY!

If you are a coach/preferred customer who already has a Beachbody on Demand membership, these same options apply to you, BUT you also will get an invitation to a special coach-only Facebook group working directly with Autumn when you purchase any of the kits listed here.

  • Accessory bundle/base kit ($37.46 coach price)

  • If you're wanting the base kit plus Shakeology, just add your Shakeology to your cart separately ($134.96 coach price for the bundle)

  • For the bundle that includes the base kit and the Performance stack, if you place a base kit in your cart and are logged in as a coach, you'll be given the option to add Energize and Recover during the checkout process. ($103.43 coach price for the bundle)

  • Coaches can also get the "mega" bundle with the base kit, 4 tubs of Recover (20 servings each), and 2 tubs of Energize (40 servings each). ($259.50 coach price; if you want Shakeology too, add it to your cart separately.)

If you are NOT yet a Beachbody on Demand customer, see my next post for your options to get access to this program! And if you're a customer who's thought about enrolling as a coach, check out my post about the coach-only test group to see how you could get access!

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