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Workout Review: Brazil Butt Lift

The name of Brazil Butt Lift speaks for itself. Trainer Leandro Carvalho developed this workout program based on workouts he designed for Victoria's Secret models, which is about the only piece of information I usually need to tell people to convince them to try it for themselves!!

The workouts live up to their name, toning the booty from every possible angle through a variety of sculpting exercises that target the gluteus maximus itself as well as the surrounding muscles. Done in its entirety, the program is actually a well-rounded, full-body workout. Some of the sessions isolate the muscles of the backside, but others focus on abdominals, arms and shoulders, and tone the legs.

Of course, with any exercise program, toning only gets you so far if you aren't also addressing nutrition. Brazil Butt Lift comes with a nutrition plan that provides the delicious, nutritious recipes that will help you lower your body fat so you can show off the long, lean muscles you're creating during your workouts!

This workout program is excellent for beginners or those just starting to get in shape, but that's not because it's easy!! It is relatively easy to follow, but the workouts are challenging, especially if you incorporate the Carnivale and Master Series sessions that were developed later as advanced workouts for those who have completed the original program.

Some of the sessions have dance-inspired combos that require some coordination, so it may take a few tries to master these if you have two left feet. However, I have noticed that on the newer session (Master Series and Carnivale), the combos are introduced more gradually and are better explained. If you can persevere through the sessions in the original program, you'll be in good shape for the more advanced sessions!

Program length: For a beginning exerciser, you can do a 90-day calendar: Original program, then Master Series, then Carnivale—one month each. For a more advanced exerciser, that schedule might get monotonous, and I'd recommend a hybrid of the original and Master Series sessions for your first month, then the Carnivale sessions for your second month, for a 60-day calendar overall.

Workout length: The original program has 4 full-length workouts, plus an express workout and an abs workout. Master Series adds 4 additional full-length workouts. Carnivale has 4 additional full-length workouts and another 15-minute ab workout. The full-length workouts range in length from 25 minutes up to 50.

What equipment is needed? I would recommend wrist and ankle weights, as well as resistance bands (the circular loop kind shown in the photo on this page) to get the most out of the sculpting moves. Several of the sessions use free weights for upper and lower body strength moves, but resistance band alternatives are usually shown. One of the workouts uses strength slides and one uses a stability ball.

How is it structured? There is no particular structure to the workouts. Some sessions utilize "rounds" to repeat the moves in a sequence. Others intersperse strength moves with cardio/dance combos. Still others work many different dimensions of the same muscle group in succession.

What kinds of moves are involved? All sorts!!! There is upper and lower body strength work, plus all sorts of abdominal exercises, but the main focus is on the backside, so you can expect lots of squats, lunges, curtsies, and leg lifts in a standing and tabletop position.

Low-impact? The program is pretty much exclusively low-impact. There really isn't any jumping, and for the the dance moves that might have a hop or a skip involved, it would be easy enough to modify them without losing the essence of the move.

Interested in trying this program? Learn more in my video review or email me at to find out when my next challenge group starts! I can also guide you to my recommended sources for the equipment mentioned here, or get you set up with a different workout program if this one isn't up your alley. I'm only an email away... Let's chat!

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