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Workout Review: RevAbs

Here's the deal, guys. I really did NOT expect to like this program AT ALL. I was basing that judgment on the marketing image (like a movie poster or album cover) that appears in the Beachbody on Demand program library: a shirtless guy with the perfect 6 pack, looking like he's just having the most awesome time working out... it just seemed so cheesy! Plus, I hate ab work on the floor, so I didn't have high hopes for a program that's all about abs being one I'd enjoy.

I'm here to tell you how wrong I was! Not only is this program super well designed with effective and challenging exercises, but it's also really enjoyable... Take that from someone who kinda hates ab work!

For one thing, Brett really mixes up the exercises, incorporating standing ab work and plank variations along with crunch- and reverse crunch-style work on the floor. The program also incorporates a lot of moves from capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian form of martial arts. Capoeira began as a way for slaves to teach themselves self-defense while disguising it as dance so their owners wouldn't know what they were up to. Because of this history, capoeira has a beautiful rhythmic fluidity while also developing incredible physical strength and control.

Because I was doing RevAbs as part of a hybrid calendar, I only did two weeks of it, and those weeks weren't consecutive. Still, I actually could see significant ab definition by the end of each week. I would love to do the program all the way through, following the schedule, at some point and see what kind of results I could get by fully committing!

And in case you were wondering... I didn't end up finding Brett super annoying after all! Yes, he's got his quirks (he LOVES to say "oh snap" and says it approximately every 10 seconds), but he explains the exercises well and in general is a great motivator! Plus he has impressive strength, which he demonstrates at least once per session wit a one-armed cartwheel ;-)

Program length: Comes with a 90-day calendar that ramps you up through phase 1, 2, and 3, gradually building intensity

Workout length: 11 full-length workouts of 30 to 45 minutes each, plus two 15-minute ab sessions that are tacked on after the strength sessions on some days

What equipment is needed? Most of the sessions use free weights for some of the exercises. I also recommend having a cushion mat, especially if you have a protruding/sensitive tailbone like I do (otherwise V sits will be very uncomfortable). In addition, there are two bonus workouts; one uses a stability ball and one uses a pull-up bar (although I don't have a pull-up bar so I adapted the exercises using my stability ball and my resistance band with door attachment).

How is it structured? Most of the workouts are made up of 4 to 6 moves, repeated in 3 or 4 rounds, with the last round being the "spice round" where a twist is added to make it more difficult. Each week you'll alternate among sessions that focus on all different types of ab work; strength work (but still with a focus on engaging the abs); and intense intervals for cardio (but again, still with a focus on how the abs are being engaged).

What kinds of moves are involved? Moves that work the entire core from all angles: rectus abdominis, obliques, deep abs/hip flexors, the muscles of the back. Plank variations, crunch variations, reverse crunch variations, standing leg work. With full body (as opposed to isolation) exercises where the arms and legs are engaged in moving the body from one position to another (such as the capoeira and kickboxing moves that are included), attention is always given to how to engage the abs, usually with core rotational movement.

Low-impact? Many of the moves are low-impact, and for those that aren't, there is a modifier to follow. Plus, as your coach I'll be available to you to help you figure out modifications that fit your specific issues and limitations.

Are modifications shown? Yes

Interested in trying this program? Learn more in my video review or email me at to find out when my next challenge group starts! I can also guide you to my recommended sources for the equipment mentioned here, or get you set up with a different workout program if this one isn't up your alley. I'm only an email away... Let's chat!

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