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February 19, 2020

December 6, 2019

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April 29, 2018

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Ambur's Success Story

April 18, 2017

Ambur is the sister of my best friend from when I was growing up. When she contacted me in January 2016 about wanting to try PiYo, I had no idea that she would go on to do 21 Day Fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Core de Force, Cize, Country Heat, and multiple other Beachbody workouts, and lose more than 45 pounds in the process!


These programs work... but they work because of the hard work challengers put in! Ambur has been incredibly consistent with her workouts over the past year and a half, almost never missing a single day. Even if she's also doing a long training run for a race, she'll still get her workout video in too... amazing!!!


Like many challengers, Ambur got involved for the purpose of losing weight... and she has definitely succeeded at that! She's gone form a size 12-14 to a size 4! Way to go Ambur!!!


But one of the most important lessons I try to teach my challengers is that true confidence comes from within. We can love our bodies at any size, and we can hate our bodies at any size. Losing weight on its own won't necessarily help body confidence unless we work on the mindset piece too!


Which was why I was overjoyed when Ambur told me, "Since starting these programs, I find myself being less worried about how thin I can be, and focusing instead on how strong I can be. I've noticed that I can run faster and I can actually do a pull-up or 5 now!" Pretty bada$$, right??


Ambur is 36 and lives with her son and daughter, fiancé, and kitties. She works as a school  social worker. In addition to cooking, baking, and reading, she enjoys being active with her family—walking, hiking, biking, and sometimes doing Beachbody workouts together!


She says she enjoys the workouts because they help her have energy to be active with her family, and they also act as a stress buster. "These programs have helped me build muscle, increase my cardio endurance, and feel more confident," she says. With the help of the nutrition programs that come along with each workout program, "I am also more aware of the food I eat and the meals I make for my family."


Last but not least, Ambur says the challenge tracker app and online community have helped support her in her progress by helping her feel part of a group that's working together and supporting one another.


This is something anyone can do... but not just anyone does. So proud of you for all of the hard work you have put in, Ambur and delighted to see you feeling so healthy and confident!!!

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