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Maisa's Success Story

Meet Maisa! She has lost more than 40 pounds in two years, and she is living proof that hard work and dedication lead to lasting results.

In her words: "I first heard of Beachbody from a TV infomercial, and I ordered the 21 Day Fix. At first I was skeptical, but I really liked the container concept and the workouts that I could do in my house!"

She went on to do four rounds of the Fix. "When I calculated my containers, ate accordingly, and worked out every day for 30 minutes, the weight just fell off me!" she recalls. "It was incredible." At the end of four rounds, she had gone from 206 pounds down to 186.

Maisa then "graduated" to 21 Day Fix Extreme, and has since done Hammer & Chisel, Country Heat, P90X, and Body Beast! "I love these programs, and that you can use them to achieve the results you want," she says. "My clothes are baggy, I see baby abs popping out, I have more energy, and in my 40s, I am so much stronger than before! I have never been so fit and healthy in my entire adult life."

Looking ahead, she will be shifting her focus to adding muscle and definition as she works to maintain her loss. I think it's fair to say that Maisa has developed a true love of exercise and healthy eating. Her passion for this lifestyle shows through in her social media posts, and she's a valued contributor to our monthly support groups... always ready with kind words to lift others up, and I love the sense of humor she brings as well!

Maisa currently works full-time while being a wife and mom to two teenagers. She also recently embarked on her lifelong dream of pursuing a graduate degree in modern languages, after an earlier career in computer science!

I'm in awe of the grace with which she does all she does... and I'm not quite sure how she does it! In any event, she says one of the secrets to her success has been plugging into our online community, with a coach and fellow participants to provide support: "When life happens, they cheer me on and help me refocus and carry on achieving my goals!!"

Ready to get started on your own transformation? Check out upcoming program options or email me at the address below and let me know you are ready for some help and support!

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